East Coast Carts


Motorcycle Carrier (Tilting)

Transporting your motorcycle/dirt bike has never been easier with the hitch mounted tilt-carrier. It has a loading ramp and an extension built right in so all you do is push the bike up the ramp until the front wheel rests in the adjustable wheel chock and the ramp deck levels out.

Model Capacity Size Price
OT300 A 200lbs/88kg 153 x 17.5cm $445.00
OT300 B 400lbs/176kg 183 x 17.5cm $475.00
OT300 C 600lbs/264kg 214 x 17.5cm $495.00

Material: Aluminium
Fits vehicles with 2inch/50mm receivers.
Simply deploy the attached extension ramp, tilt the rack to ground and load.
Locks level for safe transportation.